School's Out! Now it's time for some fun! ☀️🏖️

Hey guys! Happy Summer!

School's out for over one week now and I just have 9 days left in Iowa! 😱

That's why I try to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people, enjoy the amazing weather (it's 90 °F right now), go kayaking in my host families pond, and go to bonfires at some of my friend's houses.
I am sure that I am going to miss all of this when I leave! 😢

In the last time, I also have been going to a lot of graduation and going away parties. They are so much fun and you can have great conversations even if you don't know many of the people at the party (yet).

My advice to every foreign exchange student right now is to make the most out of your remaining time in the United States (or wherever you may be) and have some fun with your family and friends!

 See you soon,


At Connor's Bonfire

At Steinunn's Going Away Party

At DQ with Chance, Triexia and Regina

At the Pleasantville Pig Out 😄

Just enjoying beautiful Iowa